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For questions about pre-text tasks (also known as auxiliary tasks) in the context of self-supervised learning.

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Self Supervised Learning Application of trained model... A bit confused

I am trying to apply a self supervised task as stated in this github repo.The Self-Supervised Sketch Recognition In this work, authors are using 345.000 image samples to train the model and the ...
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Is it possible to use self-supervised learning on different images for the pretext and downstream tasks?

I have just come across the idea of self-supervised learning. It seems that it is possible to get higher accuracies on downstream tasks when the network is trained on pretext tasks. Suppose that I ...
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Is it possible to pre-train a CNN in a self-supervised way so that it can later be used to solve an instance segmentation task?

I would like to use self-supervised learning (SSL) to learn features from images (the dataset consists of similar images with small differences), then use the resulting trained model to bootstrap an ...
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Does self-supervised learning require auxiliary tasks?

Self-supervised learning algorithms provide labels automatically. But, it is not clear what else is required for an algorithm to fall under the category "self-supervised": Some say, self-...
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