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Questions tagged [production-systems]

For questions about production systems in the context of artificial intelligence. A production system combines a working memory of facts (also called atomic sentences) with condition-action rules (also called production rules, if-then rules, or just plain rules).

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Which algorithm for production scheduling with multiple goals - alternative for genetic algorithm

I am currently using a genetic algorithm for optimising the production schedules of a factory that produces bespoke insulation panels. The factory has a list of bespoke panels that need to be produced ...
1 vote
2 answers

How to optimize transformer inference for prompts shorter than the maximum sequence length?

As far as I understand, a Transformer has a specific input sequence length that depends on its architecture. So a model like gpt-4 has a sequence length of 8192 ...
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1 answer

When is it better to utilize machine learning over heuristics?

I learned that 87% of machine learning projects fail due to these five pitfalls: the scope of the project is too big; the project’s scope increased in size as the project progressed—e.g., scope creep;...
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How do I write production systems?

I understand that I can draw a state-space graph for any problem. However, here is the problem: I can't really figure out how to make production systems. I am solving the FWGC (Farmer, Wolf, Goat, ...