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Questions tagged [profession]

For questions related to Artificial Intelligence as a profession. Type of roles (programmer, researcher, etc.) and associated fields of knowledge and skill sets.

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1 answer

How to estimate the cost and time to complete an AI Project [closed]

If you are a freelancer, when a client asks to create a website we can easily measure how much the total cost is needed based on the requirements of the client. (the backend, UI/UX design, features, ...
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If I am interested in theoretical computer science, is AI a bad choice? [closed]

I hope this question is ok here, but since I have found a tag which deals with these issues (profession), I'll ask away. I also hope this may be useful to other people with similar doubts, since I am ...
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Why studying machine learning is an opportunity in today's world? [closed]

I just wanted to gather some perspective on why this is a great opportunity to be able to study machine learning today? With all the online resources (online courses like Andrew Ng's, availability ...
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