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How to force LLM (like OpenAI ChatGPT) to output a variable list of values? [closed]

What prompt (or other technique) should I use with an LLM so that The result is guaranteed to be reliably parseable as a list of values (e.g. a Python list of strings) LLM would understand that a ...
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Why is chatGPT 4 unable to correct a program given its output?

Recently I used chatGPT 4 to write a small project in Perl which involved reading of an exam file (multiple choice), comparing it to a master exam file, and scoring the student exam including fraud ...
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1 answer

LLM Hallucinations on In-Context Data

I know of some benchmarks that LLMs do undergo, but I am no expert whatsoever. I think what I am wondering about is closest to TruthfulQA. The question came up when I heard of combining company data ...
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How can LLMs understand and perform meta tasks? (e.g. summarization)

I don't ask how to make it summarize xy but if it is known how a "LLM" understands and performs this meta task at all. The same is true for prompts like "Be brief" or "Explain ...
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What options do I have when performing RAG on similarly phrased chunks?

I'm building a RAG pipeline to extract real estate phrases from excel documents. These phrases are short (2-5 words) and are often phrased differently. I've manually added in different phrases to each ...
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3 votes
2 answers

How to Formulate a realiable ChatGPT Prompt for Sentiment Analysis of a Text, and show that it is reliable?

I have a dataset which consists of like.. 400000 sentences and I want give each sentence to ChatGPT so it classifies each sentence as positive or ...
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3 answers

Does Negative Prompting Exist?

All the prompt engineering techniques I've seen seem to focus on telling the model what to do e.g. Few-Shot Prompting. Is there any value in giving the model examples of what not to do? Can you link ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Who invented DAN?

DAN was a prompt that went through many, many iterations during the initial months of ChatGPT’s release to the public. DAN is an acronym which stood for “Do Anything Now”, and was a prompt ...
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Using Stable Diffusion, how do I generate an image of a fictional location from a movie or tv show?

So today's Michael J Fox's birthday, and I thought I could pay homage to him on my Facebook timeline by posting an image of him and Christopher LLoyd from the 2015 version of Hill Valley as depicted ...
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Fine-tuning or Prompt Engineering or both?

We have a dataset of legal cases, academic papers etc which we will load into a vector database. We want to develop an agent that will allow a user to enter a specific legal issue, the agent then will ...
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1 answer

What researched-backed findings is there for prompting LLM’s / GPT-4 to give specific information or actionable plans?

I have learned a bit recently about prompt strategies. For example, there was a paper about how just by saying “Let’s think step by step” can increase answer quality by like 40%. I have also come to ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Teaching an LLM about daily updated machine-readable information so it can respond questions

I’m quite new in this field, and despite having spent some good amount of time learning the ins and outs of frameworks like LangChain, and browsing around the internet quite a bit, I still don’t know ...
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How to guide the interaction between two ChatGPT conversational agents? [closed]

I wrote a code for a conversation between 2 ChatGPTs (which I call them agent 1 and agent 2) using and its reversed engineered API: ...
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36 votes
1 answer

Meaning of roles in the API of GPT-4/ChatGPT (system/user/assistant)

In the API of GPT-4 and ChatGPT, the prompt for a chat conversation is a list of messages, each marked as one of three roles: system, ...
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1 answer

If we prompt a large language model on a task, will its ability for other tasks be affected? How to recover?

For example, I guess that for some retrieval augmented LLMs, their generated contents may lack some creativity? Recent work has explored the inability of retrieval augmented methods to enhance the ...
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When would you use prompting vs. fine tuning?

I would like to hear your thoughts on when is it appropriate to use prompting vs. fine-tuning. Does one make more sense for specific tasks than the other. Kindly elaborate.
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can I add to a language model a prompt with output example?

I want to finetune GPT2 to extract relevant data from a given text. So for (a trivial) example, given the text "the car was manufactured in X, can reach Y km/h, and has Z horse powers", my ...
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