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For questions about implementation of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms in the R programming language.

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Data analysis before feeding to ML pipeline

I'm new to machine learning and I've been working through a dataset of ~3000 records with ~100 features. I've been hand rolling Python and R scripts to analyse the data. For example, plotting the ...
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Why does my neural network to predict $x$ given $\sin(x)$ not generalize?

I made a simple feedforward neural network (FFNN) to predict $x$ from $\sin(x)$. It failed. Does it mean the model has overfitted? Why doesn't it work? ...
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How to avoid over-fitting using early stopping when using R cross validation package caret

I have a data set with 36 rows and 9 columns. I am trying to make a model to predict the 9th column I have tried modeling the data using a range of models using caret to perform cross-validation and ...
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Is a switch from R to Python worth it? [closed]

I just finished a 1-year Data Science master's program where we were taught R. I found that Python is more popular and has a larger community in AI. What are the advantages that Python may have over R ...
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Machine learning to find drivers of an event with presence-only data (no absence)

I have some ecological data on the confirmed presence of a certain animal. I have data on the: ...
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Defining rules for an expert system

I'm doing a project for my last university examination but I'm having some troubles! I'm making an expert system who should be able to assemble a computer after asking some questions to the user. It ...
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Predict frequently purchased items under certain conditions with customer purchasing history data

I have purchasing history data for grocery shopping. I am trying to get abnormally frequently purchased items under certain conditions. For instance, I am trying to find frequently purchased items, ...
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