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Questions tagged [receptive-field]

For questions related to the concept of a receptive field, in particular, in the context of convolutional neural networks.

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Is there another way to calculate receptive field size for temporal convolutional networks?

In the paper on page 4 a TCN-model is used where the receptive field is 253 frames, kernel size is 3 and 6 residual blocks are used. As far as I know the formula for ...
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How to compensate the receptive field offset in a Fully Convolutionl Network?

I'm studying the Fully Convolutional Networks right now and when it's clear that the receptive field is not dependent on the input size (the whole network in a way is independent from the input size), ...
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16 votes
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What is the difference between a receptive field and a feature map?

In a CNN, the receptive field is the portion of the image used to compute the filter's output. But one filter's output (which is also called a "feature map") is the next filter's input. What's the ...
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3 answers

How can 3 same size CNN layers in different ordering output different receptive field from the input layer?

Below is a quote from CS231n: Prefer a stack of small filter CONV to one large receptive field CONV layer. Suppose that you stack three 3x3 CONV layers on top of each other (with non-linearities in ...
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