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Questions tagged [risk-management]

For questions regarding AI risk management; including the mitigation of long term risk such as directing technology advancement with safety in mind; and the mitigation of immediate risk such as collision avoidance through trajectory analysis and planning.

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3 votes
4 answers

What are the risks associated with regulating AI?

As part of a research project for college, I would like to understand what many of you astern to be the risks associated with regulating Artificial Intelligence. Such as whether regulation is too ...
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Should we focus more on societal or technical issues with AI risk

I have trouble finding material (blog, papers) about this issue, so I'm posting here. Taking a recent well known example: Musk has tweeted and warned about the potential dangers of AI, saying it is "...
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2 votes
4 answers

What are the societal risks associated with AI?

What are the actual risks to society associated with the widespread use of AI? Outside of the use of AI in a military context. I am not talking about accidental risks or unintentional behaviour - eg, ...
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Is an oracle that answers only with a "yes" or "no" dangerous?

I was thinking about the risks of Oracle AI and it doesn't seem as safe to me as Bostrom et al. suggest. From my point of view, even an AGI that only answers questions could have a catastrophic impact....
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How can we approximate infinite horizon MDP with finite horizon MDP in the context of reinforcement learning?

For a given value of "discount factor" (and reward values' range) in fixed finite horizon markov decision process (MDP), upto how many episodes we have to extend this MDP so that we can ...
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