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Questions tagged [rule-based-systems]

For questions about rule-based systems in the context of artificial intelligence.

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Is the expert system still in use today?

In my country, the Expert System class is mandatory, if you want to take the AI specialization in most universities. In class, I learned how to make a rule-based system, forward chaining, backward ...
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What is the difference between logic-based and rule-based AI?

I always thought rule-based was synonymous with logic-based AI. Logic has axioms and rules of inference, whereas rule-based AI has a knowledge base (essentially, axioms) and if-then rules to create ...
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Did old-fashioned, rule-based systems die out when statistical learning broke through into NLP?

It is not quite clear to me whether the statistical approach superseded the rule-based system in the 90s. McMahon and Smith (1998) report that many other researchers used "hybrids of statistical ...
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Are Relational DBs and SQL used in Expert Systems?

In the book Prolog Programming for Artificial Intelligence, a large and intricate chapter (chapter 14) is dedicated to Expert Systems. In these systems, a knowledge-database is represented through ...
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Does rule-based image processing count as AI?

I'm quite new to the field of AI and I currently find it hard to precisely inclose the broad field of AI. Especially the aspect of image processing isn't quite clear to me. So far I've done rule-based ...
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Are there any advantages of using rules-based approaches versus models for detecting spam?

Suppose that we have unlabeled data. That is, all we have are a collection of emails and want to determine whether any of them is spam or not. Let's say we have $1,000$ rules to determine whether a ...
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Transforming a complex if-else decision-making to ML

I have a time series classification problem that uses a series of if-else statements to arrive at a particular label. I am attempting to use ML/DL to make the system simpler. So far, I have tried ...
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How to implement a rule-based decision maker for an agent-based model?

I had no idea that there is a stack exchange community for A.I. :-/ So I repost this question here in hope of some guidelines. I tried to delve into the materials discussed in AI: A Modern Approach ...
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