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For questions about the mathematical notion of satisfiability.

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Can Q-learning and other RL algorithms solve CNF SAT?

I encountered a question about solving CNF SAT using reinforcement learning: A state is a partial substitution to the variables, and each action is choosing an empty variable and set its value (to <...
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Write Constraint Satisfaction Formulation for problem

Given $F_1,F_2,..,F_n$ as set of final exams of subjects taken by students $S_1,..,S_k$ in h slots such that no student takes two exams in a single slot.Here the objective is to maximize the number of ...
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What are daily life examples of SAT problems?

What are (good) daily life examples of SAT problems? I've thought about this one. The problem of placing a bunch of different kinds of glasses in a shared cabinet in such a way that some constraints ...
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