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Questions tagged [selection-operators]

For questions about selection operators (or methods) for evolutionary algorithms. Examples of selection methods are the fitness proportionate selection (aka roulette wheel selection), tournament selection, and rank-based selection.

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1 answer

What is the most computationally efficient genetic algorithm?

In researching genetic algorithms, it seems that there are various methods of selection and other operator methods that can significantly change the performance. For example, this picture contains ...
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3 answers

How to avoid running out of solutions in genetic algorithm due to selection?

The genetic algorithm consists of 5 phases of which 4 are repeated: Initial population (initially) Fitness function Selection Crossover Mutation In the selection phase, the number of solutions ...
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How is the distance between pointers in Stochastic Universal Sampling determined?

I'm studying about different selection methods in genetic algorithms. My question is about the Stochastic Universal Sampling (SUS) selection method. I know that each individual will occupy a segment ...
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What are the available selection methods in genetic algorithms?

In a genetic algorithm, there are different steps. One of those steps is the selection of chromosomes for reproduction. What are the available selection strategies in genetic algorithms?
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Does fitness proportionate selection select multiple individuals?

Does fitness proportionate selection select multiple individuals? So, I read on Wikipedia and on multiple Stack Exchange threads about fitness proportionate selection or rather roulette selection, but ...
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