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How to knowing number of clusters when using SOM?

SOM uses neural network. The output layer of SOM should be neurons position. As the model is training, neuron's position started to moving to the closer of centroid of clusters. The output layer was ...
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How does dimensionality reduction occur in Self organizing Map (SOM)?

We have n dimension input for SOM and the output 2-D clusters. How does it happen?
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Self-organizing map using weighted non-euclidean distance to minimize variance of predictions

Let's say I have a dataset, each item/row of which has $\mathit{X + 1}$ characteristics where the last characteristic (i.e., the $\mathit{1}$) represents the some value I want to predict, $\mathit{Y}$,...
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What is the impact of using multiple BMUs for self-organizing maps?

Here's a sort of a conceptual question. I was implementing a SOM algorithm to better understand its variations and parameters. I got curious about one bit: the BMU (best matching unit == the neuron ...
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Is it normal that SOM clusters the instances with the "versicolor" class into multiple different BMUs?

I have trained (with different sizes, learning rates, and epochs) a SOM network to cluster the Iris dataset. The instances associated with the class setosa have ...
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