Questions tagged [self-replicating-machines]

For questions related to the idea/concept of a self-replicating machine, i.e. a robot/machine/program capable of reproducing itself autonomously using the materials found in the (physical or virtual) environment.

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Why aren't 3d printers and robotic arms already used to create the first versions of self-replicating machines?

The ability to create self-replicating machines can give some very useful benefits. So what is the problem with creating this type of stuff? Let's say we have two pieces of equipment - 3d printers and ...
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0 answers

What are the use-cases of self-replicating neural networks?

I started researching the subject of self-replication in neural networks, and unexpectedly I saw that there is not much research on this subject. I should mention I am new in the field of NNs. This ...
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9 votes
1 answer

Why is the status of artificial life software so under-developed?

I'm interested in self replicating artificial life (with many agents), so after reviewing the literature with the excellent Kinematic Self-Replicating Machines I started looking for software ...
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10 votes
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Has the spontaneous emergence of replicators been modeled in Artificial Life?

One of the cornerstones of The Selfish Gene (Dawkins) is the spontaneous emergence of replicators, i.e. molecules capable of replicating themselves. Has this been modeled in silico in open-ended ...
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3 answers

What would be the best way to disable a rogue AI?

Suppose that an artificial superintelligence (ASI) has finally been developed, but it has rebelled against humanity. We can assume that the ASI is online and can reproduce itself through electronic ...