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For questions related to the shortest path problem in the context of artificial intelligence.

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how do you train a neural network to determine shortest path in a 4-node graph

Suppose I have the following graph: ...
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What is a good algorithm (and a heuristic) to find the shortest path in a puzzle game?

In a 3D world, there is a Robot, boxes, and switches. The robot's job is to carry boxes (one box at a time) and put them on top of switches to solve the level. All switches must have a box on top for ...
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What is the difference between the uniform-cost search and Dijkstra's algorithm?

Every computer science student (including myself, when I was doing my bachelor's in CS) probably encountered the famous single-source shortest path Dijkstra's algorithm (DA). If you also took an ...
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How can I calculate the shortest path between two 2d vector points in an environment with obstacles?

I have a 2D plane, with a fixed height and width of 10M. The plane has an agent (or robot) in the point $(1, 2.2)$, and an electric outlet in the point $(8.2, 9.1)$. The plane has a series of ...
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