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For questions related to SIFT, introduced in the paper "Distinctive Image Features from Scale-Invariant Keypoints" (2004) by David G. Lowe, which stands for "Scale Invariant Feature Transform".

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Why does the SIFT algorithm also capture keypoints at points where there is no change in color components?

Why asking image processing in here? My question is, about image processing. I can't find stackexchange site to ask about image processing, so I asking in here. Image processing is closed at computer ...
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Is it possible to train a neural network or a classifier on SIFT keypoints and descriptors?

Is it possible to train a neural network or a classifier on SIFT keypoints and descriptors? I am working on a project which involves detecting an object (a bottle of energy drink) in an image and then ...
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What would be a reasonable option for clustering for unknown number of clusters and a lot of outliers?

I am implementing the CV detection pipeline with the use of SIFT and KNN Matcher. Image keypoints matched to the query keypoints produce the following image: The matched objects have a lot of key ...
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In SIFT, how is the coordinate system being rotated?

I need to understand how SIFT calculates the descriptors for the keypoints. Intuitively, I understand that it takes each keypoint, calculates the gradients for each pixel in a neighborhood of the ...
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Can I use the SIFT feature detector on data other than images?

I know how to use SIFT algorithm for images but I never use it for other kinds of data. I have tabular data (x, y, z, time) where x,y,z is the joint position along x, y, z coordinates. Now, can I ...
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