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For questions about the concept of technological singularity.

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What is the concept of the technological singularity?

I've heard the idea of the technological singularity, what is it and how does it relate to Artificial Intelligence? Is this the theoretical point where Artificial Intelligence machines have progressed ...
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What is the idea called involving an AI that will eventually rule humanity?

It's an idea I heard a while back but couldn't remember the name of. It involves the existence and development of an AI that will eventually rule the world and that if you don't fund or progress the ...
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Is the singularity something to be taken seriously?

The term Singularity is often used in mainstream media for describing visionary technology. It was introduced by Ray Kurzweil in a popular book The Singularity Is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology (...
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What is wrong with the idea that the AI will be capable of omniscience?

In the context of artificial intelligence, the singularity refers to the advent of an artificial general intelligence capable of recursive self-improvement, leading to the rapid emergence of ...
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Why does Stephen Hawking say "Artificial Intelligence will kill us all"? [closed]

This quote by Stephen Hawking has been in headlines for quite some time: Artificial Intelligence could wipe out humanity when it gets too clever as humans will be like ants. Why does he say this? To ...
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When the AI singularity takes over, what will there be left for us to do?

Since the first Industrial revolution machines have been taking the jobs of people and automation has been a part of human social evolution for the past 3 centuries, but all in all these machines have ...
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Can a technological singularity only occur with superintelligence?

In Chapter 26 of the book Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach (3rd edition), the textbook discusses "technological singularity". It quotes I.J. Good, who wrote in 1965: Let an ultra-...
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Is there a theoretical maximum for intelligence?

From Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, Third Edition, Chapter 26: Note that the concept of ultraintelligent machines assumes that intelligence is an especially important attribute, and if ...
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Is there a way to protect humanity against the impending singularity?

We are careening into the future which may hold unpredictable dangers in relation to AI. I've haven't yet heard of Chappie or Robocop style police robots, but militarized drone tech is replacing many ...
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Which government agencies oversee development of new AI?

Nick Bostrom talks in his book Superintelligence about the many dangers of AI. He considers it necessary that strong security mechanisms are put in place to ensure that a machine, once it gains ...
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Can we define the AI singularity mathematically?

The "AI Singularity" or "Technological Singularity" is a vague term that roughly seems to refer to the idea of: Humans can design algorithms Humans can improve algorithms Eventually algorithms we ...
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Is it possible to manage the evolution of super-intelligent AI?

Post singularity AI will surpass human intelligence. The evolution of AI can take any direction, some of which may not be preferable for humans. Is it possible to manage the evolution of super-...
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Is a very powerful oracle sufficient to trigger the AI singularity?

Lets say we have a oracle $S$ that, given any function $F$ and desired output $y$, can find an input $x$ that causes $F$ to output $y$ if it exists, or otherwise returns nil. I.e.: $$S(F, y) = x \...
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Is there any specific SW framework, libraries or algorithms (supported by any theory) designed for implementing a practical AGI system? [closed]

Any (AGI)-KERAS like libraries? Any deep-learning framework to develop AGI applications? Existing frameworks/algorithms used in NN, NLP, ML, etc are not enough in my opinion. In my opinion any ...
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Why are AI Safety discussions almost always from the perspective of reinforcement learning?

I have been reading some articles on AI safety and they almost always speak of AI Safety from the reinforcement learning (RL) perspective, i.e. where we have some artificially intelligent agent acting ...
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Is the advent of a technological singularity a solution to the Fermi Paradox?

It is really all in the title. For those less familiar, the Fermi Paradox broadly speaking asks the question "where is everybody". There's an equation with a lot of difficult to estimate parameters, ...
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Can an animal-level artificial general intelligence kickstart the Singularity? [closed]

Most people seem to assume that we need a human-level AI as a starting point for the Singularity. Let's say someone invents a general intelligence that is not quite on the scale of a human brain, but ...
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Is increasing software complexity the most likely bottleneck to the AI singularity?

From Wikipedia: According to the most popular version of the singularity hypothesis, called intelligence explosion, an upgradable intelligent agent will eventually enter a "runaway reaction"...
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What does a self-improving artificial general intelligence with finite resources and infinite time do?

What would happen when an artificial general intelligence can improve itself over a long time, with limited resources? The assumption is that it has a large but finite amount of computing power, and ...
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Strong AI vs Singularity - which should happen first?

What is supposed to happen first: Strong AI or Technological Singularity? Meaning which option is more likely, that the Strong AI that will bring as to the state of technological singularity or ...
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Can an AI create another better AI, which in turn creates another better AI, and so on? [closed]

I have no specific knowledge of the AI field, but I heard that AI systems get better the longer they learn. So, I was wondering: could it be possible that AIs will learn how to create better AIs (Or ...
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