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Questions tagged [software-evaluation]

Use for objective evaluations and assessments of API, plug-ins, frameworks, etc. (i.e. should not be opinion based for formal answers, but based on structure, architecture, and validated performance.) Opinions may be suitable for comments, but not for formal answers.

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Are there any animation tools available to visualise and simulate deep neural networks? [closed]

Deep learning researchers have to work with a lot of models. The models may include different types of Layers: They include convolutional neural network layers, recurrent neural network layers, batch ...
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How much C++ is needed for research in machine learning and artificial intelligence?

I am currently doing a master's in applied mathematics, and I recently got interested in machine learning and artificial intelligence, and I am thinking of going for a Ph.D. in this area. I have a ...
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How to evaluate a Deep Q-Network

Good day, it's a pleasure having joined this Stack. In my master thesis I have to expand a Deep Reinforcement Learning Network, to be precise a Deep Q-Network, which is used to control machines in an ...
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Building 'evaluation' neural networks for go, reversi, checkers etc, how to train?

I'm trying to build neural networks for games like Go, Reversi, Othello, Checkers, or even tic-tac-toe, not by calculating a move, but by making them evaluate a position. The input is any board ...
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Why is the status of artificial life software so under-developed?

I'm interested in self replicating artificial life (with many agents), so after reviewing the literature with the excellent Kinematic Self-Replicating Machines I started looking for software ...
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How can I implement a GAN network for text (review) generation? [closed]

How can I implement a GAN network for text (review) generation? Please, can someone guide me to resource (code) to help in text generation?
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2 answers

How can I evaluate the performance of a system that generates text?

I am preparing to perform research comparing the performance of two different systems that probabilistically generate the next word of an input sentence. For example, given the word 'the', a system ...
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Is there any opensource 2d open-world simulation with python API? [closed]

For my pet project I’m looking for a grid-like world simulation with some kind of resources that requires from agent incrementally intelligent behaviour to survive. Something like this steam game, ...
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Classifying non-labeled data with high dimensionality

Disclaimer: I am a novice in the world of machine learning, so please excuse my ignorance. My dataset consists of things like age, days since last visit, etc. This information is medical related. ...
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