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For questions about the sparsity of the rewards (or reward function), which can slow down learning. Reward shaping can be used to solve this problem.

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How does the optimization process in hindsight experience replay exactly work?

I was reading the following research paper Hindsight Experience Replay. This is the paper that introduces a concept called Hindsight Experience Replay (HER), which basically attempts to alleviate the ...
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How does PPO with advantage normalization learn in MountainCar-v0 before first reaching the goal state?

I'm trying to figure out how PPO ever learns anything in a sparse environment like gymnasium's MountainCar-v0 before it first ever reaches the goal state. Specifically was looking at stable_baselines3'...
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Multi-Agent DQN not learning for Clean Up Game - Reward slowly decreasing

The environment of the Clean Up game is simple: in a 25*18 grid world, there's dirt spawning on the left side and apples spawning on the other. Agents get a +1 reward for eating an apple (by stepping ...
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How does Proximal Policy Optimization deal with sparse reward

In the original paper, the objective of PPO is as follows:. My question is, how does this objective behave in a sparse reward setting (i.e., reward is only given after a sequence of actions were taken)...
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