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For questions about spectral clustering techniques, which make use of the spectrum (eigenvalues) of the similarity matrix of the data to perform dimensionality reduction before clustering in fewer dimensions.

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What are the benefits of using spectral k-means over simple k-means?

I have understood why k-means can get stuck in local minima. Now, I am curious to know how the spectral k-means helps to avoid this local minima problem. According to this paper A tutorial on Spectral,...
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How are GCN doing semi-supervised learning?

In Semi-Supervised Classification with Graph Convolutional Networks, the authors say that GCN is an approach for semi-supervised learning (SSL). But a GCN is making predictions using only the graph ...
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Speech diarization for a conversation detector: A good idea or not?

I am trying to write a program in which an ai can detect whether a conversation is occurring or not. The ai does not need to transcribe words or have any meaning about the conversation, simply if one ...
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Why does k-means have more bias than spectral clustering and GMM?

I ran into a 2019-Entrance Exam question as follows: The answer mentioned is (4), but some search on google showed me maybe (1) and (2) is equal to (4). Why would k-means be the algorithm with the ...
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