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For questions related to spiking neural networks (SNNs) that more accurately model biological neurons in the brain than perceptrons or RNN cells by simulating pulses within and across neurons rather than simulating signal values that remain constant for each learning iteration (by example index or batch index for mini-batch).

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Modifying the population neurons at runtime - Framework and resources

I'd like to build a spiking neural network and deploy it in neuromorphic hardware. I'd like to modify the number of neurons of a population at runtime, depending on a condition. Frameworks like Nengo ...
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Spiking neural network framework for training simple networks with no biases and negative weights

I'm looking for a spiking neural network framework to train (at the beginning) a simple network with two or so hidden layers against MNIST digits dataset, and then to take the weights and try to model ...
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Can brain simulation be done using Tensor Processing Units?

A potential way to solving AI is via whole brain simulation. Currently we have the algorithm to model a human brain (albeit far from perfectly):
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How does Lateral Inhibition Provide Competition among Neurons?

I stumbled upon a paper from P.Diehl and M.Cook with the title "Unsupervised learning of digit recognition using spike-timing-dependent plasticity" and I'm trying to understand the logic ...
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What are examples of machine learning techniques inspired by neuroscience?

What are examples of machine learning techniques (i.e. models, algorithms, etc.) inspired (to different extents) by neuroscience? Particularly, I'm interested in recent developments, say less than 10 ...
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Is it a good idea to first train a spiking neural network and then convert it to a conventional neural network?

In many papers about artificial spiking neural networks (SNNs), the performance of them is not up to par with traditional ANNs. I have read how some people have converted ANNs to SNNs using various ...
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Can traditional neural networks be combined with spiking neural networks?

Can traditional neural networks be combined with spiking neural networks? And can there be training algorithms for such hybrid network? Does such hybrid network model biological brains? As I ...
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How does one characterize a neural network with threshold-based activation functions?

In an attempt at designing a neural network more closely modeled by the human brain, I wrote code before doing the reading. The neuron I have modeled operates on the following method. Parameters: ...
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What are examples of resources that describe the basics of Spiking Neural Networks in detail?

I'm very interested in writing a Spiking Neural Network engine (SNN) from scratch, but I can't find the basic information I need to get started. For example, I've seen pictures of the individual ...
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