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For questions that involve the stable-baseline libraries for reinforcement learning. However, note that programming questions are off-topic here. You should use this tag only to contextualize your problem and solution.

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How to expand an agent's action space with more actions?

I'm training a FPS agent using StableBaselines 3's PPO algorithm. To aid learning, I would like to train the agent using just a basic set of actions (e.g Turn left, turn right, shoot). After the agent ...
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Why is it recommended to use a "separate test environment" when evaluating a model?

I am training an agent (stable baselines3 algorithm) on a custom environment. During training, I want to have a callback so that for every $N$ steps of the learning process, I get the current model ...
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How to normalize input data to Reinforcement learning platform (Gym and stable-baselines)

I created a custom environment with Gym and trained it with stable baseline 3 algorithms. The observation and space action are both continues. The observation space includes 10 values and action space ...
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Compare Stable-Baselines3 vs. Tianshou [closed]

What would you recommend between Stable-Baselines3 and Tianshou for applied research in Reinforcement Learning? Can anyone provide a comparison of the strengths and weaknesses of each library? Or at ...
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Model learning only to not to trade in a static sequence

I am learning RL and using out-of-the-box Stable-Baselines 3 PPO algorithm, I made a custom environment with the following ...
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RL-based trading bot: how to deal with overfitting

I've been playing around building a reinforcement learned-based trading bot using the stable-baselines3 library. I've come up with an environment that seems to be able to learn how to make profitable ...
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How to deal with variable action ranges in RL for continuous action spaces

I am reading this paper on battery management using RL. The action consist in the charging/discharging power of the battery at timestep $t$. For instance, in the case of the charging power, the ...
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A2C: Why do episode rewards reset?

I am training a model using A2C with stable baselines 2. When I increased the timesteps I noticed that episode rewards seem to reset (see attached plot). I don´t understand where these sudden decays ...
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What method is better to use for a two-player reinforcement learning environment?

I want to create an RL agent for a mancala-type two-player game as my first actual project in the field. I've already completed the game itself and coded a minimax algorithm. The question is: how ...