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Questions tagged [stopping-conditions]

For questions about stopping conditions (also known as stopping criteria or termination criteria) of numerical algorithms, but, in particular, the ones used in artificial intelligence, such as simulated annealing, genetic algorithms, reinforcement learning algorithms (such as Q-learning), and so on.

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2 votes
1 answer

Determining to terminate at a reward or not

I am practicing the Bellman equation on Grid world examples and in this scenario, there are numbered grid squares where the agent can choose to terminate and collect the reward equal to the amount ...
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2 votes
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When does IDA* consider the goal has been found?

I was reading about IDA* and I found this link explaining IDA* and providing an animation for it. Here is a picture of the solution. I know what is the cutoff condition (it depends on F), and the ...
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What are most commons methods to measure improvement rate in a meta-heuristic?

When I run a meta-heuristics, like a Genetic Algorithm or a Simulated Annealing, I want to have a termination criterion that stops the algorithms when there is not any significant fitness improvement. ...
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Is there any disadvantage of the maximum number of fitness function call as a stop criterion?

I'm studying different stop criteria in genetic algorithms and the advantages and disadvantages of each of them for evaluating different algorithms. One of these methods is the max number of fitness ...
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