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Questions tagged [strips]

For questions related to the Stanford Research Institute Problem Solver (also known as STRIPS), which is an automated planner developed by Richard Fikes and Nils Nilsson in 1971 at SRI International.

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1 answer

How to interpret the output plan of the fast-downward planner

I'm using this domain/problem with the fast-downward planner like this: ./ --plan-file plan.out ../test_domain.pddl ../test_problem.pddl The issue ...
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1 answer

FastDownward PDDL Planner Limitations [closed]

I recently had a look at automated planners and experimented a little bit with FastDownward. As I wanted to start a toy project, I created a PDDL model for the ordinary 3D Rubik's Cube (of course ...
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How can I define the relations, preconditions and effects of each operator for the Sokoban puzzle?

I would like to solve the Sokoban puzzle, which consists in moving a character in a 2D map to push boulders into target cells. Each turn, the player can move to an adjacent cell (no diagonals) if it ...
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Can the C4.5 algorithm learn a GOAP model?

Goal-oriented action planning (GOAP) is a well-known planning technique in computer games. It was introduced to control the non-player characters in the game F.E.A.R. (2005) by creating an abstract ...
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