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Refers to kinds of data with a high level of organization.

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Find value in roughly tabular structured textual data from PDF

We receive PDF files that contain valuable data in a somewhat structured way. There are a lot of variations, but it roughly translates to a 3 column layout. 2021 2020 Label 1 50 197 Label 2 100 100 ...
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How can the agent be defined in a reinforcement learning problem with a tabular dataset as the environment?

Let's assume we need to train an RL model that drops duplicates in a tabular dataset? The actions should probably defined as drop or do nothing. But what should be the agent itself then? To me, it ...
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What is the best way to train neural network with imbalanced mixed data (images and structured data)?

I have structured data and image data to solve a regression problem. One sample of structured data can be related to N images. If I use only structured data, I get decent performance, but not enough ...
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Deep learning techniques with time-fixed, time-dependent and imaging data

I have a question about the use of deep learning techniques with time-fixed features and images (setting 1) and time-dependent features (setting 2). (I am pretty new to the deep learning world so ...
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How to feed key-value features (aggregated data) to LSTM?

I have the following time-series aggregated input for an LSTM-based model: ...
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What are the best datasets available for music information retrieval?

I am interested in doing some work in classification problems in music information retrieval. I know that there are some formats of datasets (such as MIDI, Spectrogram, Piano-roll, MusicXML, etc.) for ...
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Is text preprocessing really all that necessary for NLP?

As a first step in many NLP courses, we learn about text preprocessing. The steps include lemmatization, removal of rare words, correcting typos etc. But I am not so sure about the actual ...
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how to convert one structured data to another without specifying structure

I have lots of text documents structured as ...
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What data formats/pipelining are best to store and wrangle data which contains both text and float vectors?

Often in NLP project the data points contain both text and float embeddings, and it's very tricky to deal with. CSVs take up a ton of memory and are slow to load. But most the other data formats seem ...
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Does IBM Cloud Private for Data run on public clouds like AWS or Azure?

I just started using IBM Cloud Private for Data this week and I wasn't sure if I can use other public clouds to connect with my ICP for data account. So I spoke with an IBM representative and I wanted ...
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Is a binary attribute type the same as binomial attribute type?

I am not sure if I can use the words binomial and binary and boolean as synonyms to describe a data attribute of a data set which has two values (yes or no). Are there any differences in the meaning ...
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What techniques can be used to predict future attendance of students for a particular subject lecture session?

I have data of 30 students attendance for a particular subject class for a week. I have quantified the absence and presence with boolean logic 0 and 1. Also, the reason for absence are provided and I ...
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How does convert sentences into structured data?

The is a Siri-like voice interface which can can parse messages and predict the actions to perform. Here is the demo site powered by How does it understand the spoken sentences and ...
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