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how can a VAE learn to generate a style for Neural Style Transfer?

I have come across this research paper where a Variational Autoencoder is used to map multiple styles from reference images to a linear latent space and then transfer the style to another image like ...
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How to learn text style in an article using LLMs?

What is the best way to learn text style in an article? By text style I mean special characteristics and patterns inherent to different authors/group's writing style. For-example, author attribution ...
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Text rewriting with learning of writing style

I do a lot of scientific writing in my job. Unfortunately, I often also have to rewrite amateurish text that some students write for manuscripts. They use tools like grammarly to fix grammar issues, ...
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What are the definitions for the content and style of an image without using deep neural network?

In deep learning, an image is said to contain two types of features. One is the content of the image and the other is the style of the image. Deep neural networks are generally used to obtain both ...
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How does a VGG-based Style-Loss incorporate color information?

I've recently been reading a lot about style transfer, its applications and implications. I understand what the Gram matrix is and does. I can program it. But one thing that has been boggling me is: ...
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Are there any style transfer algorithms that use multiple images (rather than just one)?

The original paper for style transfer only supports one image as an input. However I was interested if there is a model that uses multiple images, preferrably in a way that doesn't require users to ...
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Neural network architecture or code for style transfer with aligned data

As a follow-up on Open-source vocal cloning (speech-to-speech neural style transfer), I want to create a voice clone. Unfortunately, the answers in the thread above do not apply to my language and ...
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Transfer the colors of a face from a photo inside a drawing

I have a photo of a real person. I have a colorized picture of a resembling person (same angle, different lighting and colors, drawing look alike) I would like to transfer the colors of the photo ...
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Expression Transfer Deep Learning Problem

I have old video and I want to keep the person's face in the video but I want to transfer my facial expressions to that video. Is there any better alternative to first order motion model for that task ...
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How to apply the formatting of one json file to another. Coding style transfer for JSON

Time after time I need to merge two large JSON files, or more precisely add a json fragment to another file. The too pieces are often written by different people and have different formatting (spacing)...
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Upscaling a low-res IR image with a high res webcam image

I have a low resolution thermal/IR image (for example 32x32 or 80x64) and a high resolution webcam image. I would like to combine the two to "fake" a high resolution thermal image (I can ...
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