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For questions related to symbolic artificial intelligence, which is also known as good old-fashioned artificial intelligence (GOFAI), which is an expression coined by John Haugeland in his 1985 book "Artificial Intelligence: The Very Idea".

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What kind of body (if any) does intelligence require?

In the mid 1980s, Rodney Brooks famously created the foundations of "the new AI". The central claim was that the symbolist approach of 'Good Old Fashioned AI' (GOFAI) had failed by attempting to '...
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In what ways can connectionist AI be integrated with GOFAI?

In what ways can connectionist artificial intelligence (neural networks) be integrated with Good Old-Fashioned A.I. (GOFAI)? For instance, how could deep neural networks be integrated with knowledge ...
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8 votes
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What kinds of problems can AI solve without using a deep neural network?

A lot of questions on this site seem to be asking "can I use X to solve Y?", where X is usually a deep neural network, and Y is often something already addressed by other areas of AI that ...
7 votes
2 answers

Is anybody still researching GOFAI?

A lot of textbooks and introductory lectures typically split AI into connectionism and GOFAI (Good Old Fashioned AI). From a purely technical perspective, it seems that connectionism has grown into ...
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What are some examples of Classical AI applications?

I believe that Classical AI uses deductive thought processes. For example, given as a set of constraints, deduce a conclusion. What are some examples of successfully applying Classical AI to real-...
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Shouldn't Gödel's incompleteness theorems disprove the physical symbol system hypothesis?

According to the Wikipedia page of the physical symbol system hypothesis (PSSH), this hypothesis seems to be a vividly debated topic in philosophy of AI. But, since it's about formal systems, shouldn'...
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What are some interesting recent papers that synthesize symbolic AI with Deep Learning?

A lot of people seem to be under the impression that combining GOFAI and contemporary AI will make models more general. I'm particularly interested in reasoning through analogy or case-based reasoning....
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Are the capabilities of connectionist AI and symbolic AI the same?

The universal approximation theorem says that MLP with a single hidden layer and enough number of neurons can able to approximate any bounded continuous function. You can validate it from the ...
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