Questions tagged [symbolic-computing]

For questions about the use of symbolic computing in AI (like LISP programming language).

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16 votes
3 answers

What roles knowledge bases play now and will play in the future?

Nowadays, artificial intelligence seems almost equal to machine learning, especially deep learning. Some have said that deep learning will replace human experts, traditionally very important for ...
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3 votes
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In what ways can connectionist AI be integrated with GOFAI?

In what ways can connectionist artificial intelligence (neural networks) be integrated with Good Old-Fashioned A.I. (GOFAI)? For instance, how could deep neural networks be integrated with knowledge ...
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Is anybody still researching GOFAI?

A lot of textbooks and introductory lectures typically split AI into connectionism and GOFAI (Good Old Fashioned AI). From a purely technical perspective, it seems that connectionism has grown into ...
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