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How to do testing for an RNN that was trained with teacher forcing only?

If an RNN is trained using only the teacher forcing, then the network takes the actual output from the previous time step as input to the hidden state the next time step. We know that the actual ...
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Can teacher forcing in RNN ensure Turing completeness?

RNN has the same capability as a universal Turing machine. But I am confused whether RNN holds the same capabilities if we use teacher forcing. Consider the following excerpts from paragraphs taken ...
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Do bi-directional RNNs necessarily use 100% teacher forcing?

I typically think of teacher forcing as optional when training an RNN. We may either: use the output of time-step $t$ as the input to time-step $t+1$ use the $(t+1)$th input as the input to time-...
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What is teacher forcing?

In the paper Neural Programmer-Interpreters, the authors use the teacher forcing technique, but what exactly is it?
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Why feeding the correct output as input during training of seq2seq models?

I've read about seq2seq for time-series and it seemed really promising, but, when I went to implement it, all the tutorials I've found use the correct output as input to the decoder phase during ...
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