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Does rule-based image processing count as AI?

I'm quite new to the field of AI and I currently find it hard to precisely inclose the broad field of AI. Especially the aspect of image processing isn't quite clear to me. So far I've done rule-based ...
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Should I use U-net to label keys in a keyboard image?

This is a 600*800 image. Which algorithm/model should I use to get an image like the one below, in which each key is detected and labeled by a rectangle? I guess this is some kind of a segmentation ...
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Which meta-learning approach selection methodology should I use for similarity learning of an image?

Meta-learning has 3 broad approaches: model, metric and optimization-based approach. Each of them has its own sub-approach, like matching network, meta-agonistic and Siamese-based network, and so on. ...
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Can I use a CNN for template matching, so that there is robustness, as the background of the target image is not that good?

I have to extract part of a source image, then I have to check if it is similar or almost similar to any of the 10 target images, so that I can do further processing on that one specific target image, ...