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Questions tagged [tensorflow-probability]

For questions related to the TensorFlow Probability (TFP) library.

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Why using a pretrained model with dense variational for uncertainty estimates gives low accuracy?

I try to a train model for real image classification and to estimate uncertainty by using the TensorFlow Probability library. For that, I am using a pretrained model as a feature extractor (the ...
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tfp.Distributions.Categorical.sample() is picking the same action everytime after certain iterations

I have written a code for an RL agent such that at each state the model calculates the probabilities of all possible actions and samples one action randomly to proceed further. To acheive this, I have ...
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Tensorflow Probability Implementation of Automatic Differentiation Variational Inference with Mixtures

In this paper, the authors suggest using the following loss instead of the traditional ELBO in order to train what basically is a Variational Autoencoder with a Gaussian Mixture Model instead of a ...
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What are the prerequisites to start using the TensorFlow Probability library? [closed]

I have some familiarity with the regular Tensorflow library and have been able to create a number of working models with it. There are more than enough resources out there to get up and running and ...
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