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Find value in roughly tabular structured textual data from PDF

We receive PDF files that contain valuable data in a somewhat structured way. There are a lot of variations, but it roughly translates to a 3 column layout. 2021 2020 Label 1 50 197 Label 2 100 100 ...
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sentence alignment between same language texts

Take this two texts as an example: "I will start the recording and share the presentation. I hope it's all clear from what we saw last time on classical cryptography and if you remember we got ...
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Can AI/ML be used to decipher unknown text on such a low resolution scale of one or two letters to a pixel by color?

Can an image of unknown text, with resolution of about one or two letters in real life represented by a pixel (like if the image is a photo taken from far away), be used by machine learning or AI to ...
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How to improve the performance of Easy OCR

I am working on a project that requires me to identify a product on a grocery shelf. For that, I am trying to use test recognition and localization to spot a product. I tried Easy OCR and tesseract ...
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How to reduce loss of Bi-LSTM handwriting recognition model?

I am currently training an bi-LSTM model which predicts the handwriting of an individual. I am hitting a current min loss of 1.2 and I think it is not a problem with the model because I copied a model ...
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Which AI techniques are there that combine multiple models to make sense of data at different stages?

I have been working to design a system that uses multiple machine learning models to make sense of data that is dynamically webscraped. Each AI would handle a specific task, for example: An AI model ...
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Is there an AI that can extract proper nouns from free text?

I have some free text (think: blog articles, interview transcripts, chat comments), and would like to explore the text data by analysing the proper nouns it contains. I know of many ways to simply ...
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Can object detection approaches be used to solve text/detection problems?

I have been working on text detection and recognition for almost two months and new on this field. So far, I have fine-tuned, tested, and trained several text detection/recognition methods, such as ...
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How do I change the annotations of variable-size images after having resized the images to a fixed size?

In the data-sets like coco-text and total-text, the images are of different sizes (height*width). I'm using these data sets for text detection. I want to create a DNN model for this. So the input data ...
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