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Discrepancies in the Exclusion of Elements in Image vs. Text Generation

(The following comments concern DALLE, I have not tested it with other image generating tools, but would be curious to hear if the same happens) When generating images, it seems that ChatGPT (i.e. ...
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Why are LLMs able to reproduce bodies of known text exactly?

Mathematically, I wouldn't expect LLMs to be able to reproduce source texts exactly unless the source text was the probable outcome given some prompt. However, I have now tested HuggingFaceH4/zephyr-...
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Is there anywhere online an AI in the mode of "text completion" besides the OpenAI playground?

By "Text completion" mode I mean that you can input there a full conversation as one single text and the AI thinks that the text you pasted is the past conversation, not a single message. ...
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Dynamic text completion [closed]

I am using the get_completion function to generate response to a question. Since generating response takes a long time (~5 seconds) I would like to display the response text as it's generated (...
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AI-driven tool for generating or finding short, context-aware jokes for online forum posts (GPT-4 not effective)

I've tried using GPT-4 to generate jokes with various prompts for my online forum posts, but most of the generated jokes were unfunny. For example, I asked my AI for a joke, and it said "your ...
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Can you automatically write a text summarizing a finance document using AI models?

I'm given pdf documents containing complex information about a financial product and my task is to write a disclaimer: a two page document with a very precise structure explaining this financial ...
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How much of the ChatGPT output is copied from its training set (vs. being abstractively generated)?

One of the main concerns of using ChatGPT answers on Stack Exchange is that it may copy verbatim or almost verbatim some text from its training set, which may infringe the source text's license. This ...
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Clarification on GANs for text generation

A GAN-like architecture for text generation is proposed in 'Generative Adversarial Networks for Text Generation'. The setup is the following: The generator of the GAN is proposed to be a recurrent ...
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What's the best way to feed stories to a neural network?

I'm trying to train a model that would generate stories. I have a dataset of 2000 stories prepared. They are tokenized and one-hot encoded. I can't load them all at once as a one big dataset, because ...
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How can GPT-3 be used for designing electronic circuits from text descriptions?

I was wondering if it is possible to use GPT-3 to translate text description of a circuit to any circuit design language program, which in turn can be used to make the circuit. If it is possible, what ...
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Semantic-based evaluation of translations instead of BLEU

I have a text generation model and I want to evaluate its output by comparing it to a set of gold human-annotated references. I went through machine-translation metrics and I found that BLEU is used ...
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How to generate text descriptions from keywords?

I wonder how can I build a neural network which will generate text description from given tag/tags. Let's assume I have created such data structure: ...
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What would be the state of the art image captioning deep learning model?

I saw a couple of architectures, like CNN-LSTM, with and without attention model, use of Glove vector, self-critical models, etc. I am overwhelmed looking at different notebooks and architectures, ...
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T5 or BERT for sentence correction/generation task?

I have sentences with some grammatical errors , with no punctuations and digits written in words... something like below: As you can observe, a proper noun , winston isnt highlighted with capital in ...
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Are there any good alternatives to an LSTM language model for text generation?

I have a trained LSTM language model and want to use it to generate text. The standard approach for this seems to be: Apply softmax function Take a weighted random choice to determine the next word ...
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Making generated texts from "data-to-text" more variable

I am diving in data-to-text generation for long articles (> 1000 words). After creating a template and fill it with data I am currently going down on paragraph level and adding different paragraphs,...
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Transformer Language Model generating meaningless text

I currently learning on Transformers, so check my understanding I tried implementing a small transformer-based language model and compare it to RNN based language model. Here's the code for ...
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Is there a complement to GPT/2/3 that can be trained using supervised learning methods?

This is a bit of a soft question, not sure if it's on topic, please let me know how I can improve it if it doesn't meet the criteria for the site. GPT models are unsupervised in nature and are (from ...
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Is the number of bidirectional LSTMs in seq2seq model equal to the maximum length of input text/characters?

I'm confused about this aspect of RNNs while trying to learn how seq2seq encoder-decoder works at It ...
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Importance sampling eq. 5 in paper "Residual Energy-based Models for Text Generation"

In the paper "Residual Energy-Based Models for Text Generation" (arXiv), on page 5, they write that equation 5 is an instance of importance sampling. Equation 5 is: $$ P(x_t \mid x_{<t}) = P_{LM}(...
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How can I use GPT-2 to modify seed text of one form into a different form (LENGTH INVARIANT) whilst retaining meaning?

I am currently starting a research project whereby I am trying to convert text of one form into another. i.e. If I were to write a seed sentance of the form "Scientists have finally achieved the ...
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How should I design a reward function for a NLP problem where two models interoperate?

I would like to design a reward function. I am training two models from the first model that classify set of texts (paragraphs and keywords) and I also got some hidden states. The second model is ...
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Pretrained Models for Keyword-Based Text Generation

I'm looking for an implementation that allows me to generate text based on a pre-trained model (e.g. GPT-2). An example would be gpt-2-keyword-generation (click here for demo). As the author notes, ...
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How to tell if two hotel reviews addressing the same thing

I am playing with a large dataset of hotel reviews, which contains both positive and negative reviews (the reviews are labeled). I want to use this dataset to perform textual style transfer - given a ...
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How to use LSTM to generate a paragraph

A LSTM model can be trained to generate text sequences by feeding the first word. After feeding the first word, the model will generate a sequence of words (a sentence). Feed the first word to get the ...
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How do I use GPT-2 to summarise text?

In section 3.6 of the OpenAI GPT-2 paper it mentions summarising text based relates to this, but the method is described in very high-level terms: To induce summarization behavior we add the text <...
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Can BERT be used for sentence generating tasks?

I am a new learner in NLP. I am interested in the sentence generating task. As far as I am concerned, one state-of-the-art method is the CharRNN, which uses RNN to generate a sequence of words. ...
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