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Questions tagged [tf-idf]

For questions related to TF-IDF(Term Frequency — Inverse Document Frequency) a technique to quantify a word in documents

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Is there a metric to compare BOW vs TFIDF results?

I am working on a document search task and have used Bag of Words (BOW) and TFIDF vectorization techniques. My observation after going through some sample searches are - Both of them seem to provide ...
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1 answer

Distinguishing text with opposite meanings in SVM (False Information Detection)

I am currently working on a Binary Text Classification Model (False Information Detection) using Support Vector Machine and used TF-IDF as text vectorizer in Python. I have already tried training the ...
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1 answer

Which data representation of text as input for NLP Deep Learning models?

I have been given a data set with 30.000 text documents (each text file is rather small with respect to its length and consists in most cases of around 20 sentences), which are labelled with 0 or 1. ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Why do we commonly use the $\log$ to squash frequencies?

Term frequency and inverse document frequency are well-known terms in information retrieval. I am presenting the definitions for both from p:12,13 of Vector Semantics and Embeddings On term frequency ...
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Why are documents kept separated when training a text classifier?

Most of the literature considers text classification as the classification of documents. When using the bag-of-words and Bayesian classification, they usually use the statistic TF-IDF, where TF ...
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