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Questions tagged [time]

For questions related to the perception of time in regard to automata.

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How to get exact learning time without loading library time?

I have some questions about get learning time. Most people think getting learning time like that... ...
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Does ChatGPT have access to real-time data? [duplicate]

I wanted to see if ChatGPT knows the current time or not, and it persisted that it does not have access to any real-time data and its knowledge is limited to the year 2021 and before. But how does it ...
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Data / model preparation for spatio-temporal deep-learning analysis for traffic congestion events detection

I am preparing the Bus movement dataset for deep learning (ANN/CNN/RNN) analysis for congestion events detection. This is an extension to my original question, which can be located at 'Deep learning ...
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Are there emergent models of time in robots?

I am interested in the emergence of properties in agents, and, more generally in robotics. I was wondering if there is work on the emergence of time-related concepts, on the low-level representation ...
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