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For questions related to transfer learning, a machine learning method that focuses on storing knowledge gained while solving one problem in order to apply this knowledge to a different but related problem.

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Is it possible to train a neural network as new classes are given?

I would like to train a neural network (NN) where the output classes are not (all) defined from the start. More and more classes will be introduced later based on incoming data. This means that, every ...
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What are the differences between transfer learning and meta learning?

What are the differences between meta-learning and transfer learning? I have read 2 articles on Quora and TowardDataScience. Meta learning is a part of machine learning theory in which some ...
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7 votes
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What is the difference between one-shot learning, transfer learning and fine tuning?

Lately, there are lots of posts on one-shot learning. I tried to figure out what it is by reading some articles. To me, it looks like similar to transfer learning, in which we can use pre-trained ...
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6 votes
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What is the difference between learning without forgetting and transfer learning?

I would like to incrementally train my model with my current dataset and I asked this question on Github, which is what I'm using SSD MobileNet v1. Someone there told me about learning without ...
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Does self-supervised learning require auxiliary tasks?

Self-supervised learning algorithms provide labels automatically. But, it is not clear what else is required for an algorithm to fall under the category "self-supervised": Some say, self-...
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