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For questions related to the (different) universal approximation theorems (UATs), for example, in the context of neural networks.

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Are No Free Lunch theorem and Universal Approximation theorem contradictory in the context of neural networks?

To my understanding NFL states that, we cannot have an hypothesis (let's assume it is an approximator like NN in this case) class that can't achieve certain accuracy parameters $\leq \epsilon$ with ...
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Is the capability of RNN more than the capability of MLP?

Consider the following excerpt paragraph taken from the section titled "Recurrent Neural Networks" of the chapter 10: Sequence Modeling: Recurrent and Recursive Nets of the textbook named ...
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Does Godel's incompleteness theorems restricts the scope of connectionist-AI?

It is well-known that Godel's incompleteness theorems restricted the reachability of symbolic-AI, which is dependent on mathematical logic. But, I am wondering whether it has any impact on the ...
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Does there exist functions for which the necessary number of nodes in a shallow neural network tends to infinity as approximation error tends to 0?

The Universal Approximation Theorem states (roughly) that any continuous function can be approximated to within an arbitrary precision $\varepsilon>0$ by a feedforward neural network with one ...
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Why can a neural network use more than one activation function?

From trying to understand neural networks better, I've come upon a tentative notion that an activation function aims to build a function it's approximating via linear combinations with biases and ...
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