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For questions about AI that learns without being provided with a set of labels (expected answers) along with the set of input examples.

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What are the different approaches used in Machine Learning?

There seem to be so many sub-fields, so I'm interested in getting a better understanding of the approaches. I'm looking for information on a single framework per answer, in order to allow for ...
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How does an unsupervised learning model learn?

How does an unsupervised learning model learn, if it does not involve any target values?
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Do Le et al. (2012) train all three autoencoder layers at a time, or just one?

Le et al. 2012 use a network of 1 billion parameters to learn neurons that respond to faces, cats, pedestrians, etc. without labels (unsupervised). Their network is built with three autoregressive ...
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Which unsupervised anomaly detection algorithms are there?

I need to create model which will find suspicious entries or anomalies in a network, whose characteristics or features are the asset_id, ...
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