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Questions tagged [upper-confidence-bound]

For questions about the upper confidence bound (UCB)-based algorithms or action selection strategies in the context e.g. of bandit or reinforcement learning problems.

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Why is the ideal exploration parameter in the UCT algorithm $\sqrt{2}$?

From Wikipedia, in the Monte-Carlo Tree Search algorithm, you should choose the node that maximizes the value: $${\displaystyle {\frac {w_{i}}{n_{i}}}+c{\sqrt {\frac {\ln N_{i}}{n_{i}}}}},$$ where ${...
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RL agent focusses too much on early rewards, even with no discounting

How can I guide my RL agent to solve tasks in the correct order? I'm trying to train an agent using reinforcement learning, similar to MuZero. The goal is to solve 4 tasks, A/B/C/D. Each task involves ...
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UCB-like algorithms: how do you compute the exploration bonus?

My question concerns Stochastic Combinatorial Multiarmed Bandits. More specifically, the algorithm called CombUCB1 presented in this paper. It is a UCB-like algorithm. Essentially, in each round of ...
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