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How does a multidimensional vector get fed into a single node in a neural network?

I mostly develop neural networks completely from scratch, like without libraries. I've been seeing, especially in NLP tasks, entire vectors, often representing words, get fed into a single node. I'm ...
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How to Represent a Multi-Feature Input Vector in a Neural Net

I'm finding myself confused everytime when I want to visualize a Neural net with input vectors and weights. Given a input like this: Input 1 Input 2 Input 3 Output 1 2 3 1 3 4 6 0 6 8 1 1 ...
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What is a "continuous vector"?

I have seen the concept of a "continuous vector" described in the context of embeddings. For instance, this answer to a question on embeddings in the context of deep learning. I obviously ...
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How can I vectorize fictional single word (not sentence!) for classification?

I am working on fictional single words (names) generator that have to sound like words from a given sample. I have the generator up and running that gives reasonable words 70% of time. I thought of ...
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How do I prepare this 3D data for NN?

How do I prepare the info of 3D models to use with NN? For example, I have thousands of models with boxes similar to the ones in the image below. I can extract the vertices and their normals that make ...
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Is this calculation of the vector-Jacobian product in the PyTorch documention wrong?

In the official PyTorch documentation there is the following calculation (here): $$ J^{T} \cdot \vec{v}=\left(\begin{array}{ccc} \frac{\partial y_{1}}{\partial x_{1}} & \cdots & \frac{\partial ...
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What is the reason for taking tuples as vectors rather than points?

Across the literature of artificial intelligence, especially machine learning, it is normal to treat the tuples of datasets as vectors. Although there is a convention to treat them as data points. ...
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