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Is AI good at detecting AI-generated content?

Are AI models good at detecting AI-generated image or video content like deep fakes? Which model can we use for the detection of AI-generated image content?
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How to improve the performance when no shuffling of dataloader is needed?

I'm currently doing some researches on video recognition. What I'm trying to do is like this paper. The idea is that: for processing a specific input video clip (shape: [T, C, H, W]), it needs ...
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Training strategy on continuous video stream with CNN-LSTM

I have videos that are each about 30-40 mins long. With the first 5-10 mins (at 60fps, can be down-sampled to 5fps) are one type of activity that would be categorized by label-1 and the rest of the ...
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Detecting cheats visually using AI

I really like to play my favorite 3D shooter game online. Unfortunately, it is really old and cheat protection isn't really common there, but cheaters are! It is very frustrating, because it really ...
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Can I flip a video to generate more data for action recognition?

There are 8 distinct action classes and around 50+ videos per class. I was wondering if flipping videos from the training set can be a good option to generate additional data. Is it?
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Video Analysis: Providing a success score for a of a student carrying out a specific task

I have an AI/ML challenge in relation to video analysis and am unsure where to start. I am investigating an application that will grade students performance of carrying out a task, based on analysis ...
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Why don't those developing AI Deepfake detectors use two detectors at once so as to catch deepfakes in one or the other?

Why don't those developing AI Deepfake detectors use two differently trained detectors at once that way if the Deepfake was trained to fool one of the detectors the other would catch it and vice-versa?...
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How can I do video classification while taking into account the temporal dependencies of the frames?

I need to solve a video classification problem. While looking for solutions, I only found solutions that transform this problem into a series of simpler image classification tasks. However, this ...
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Can I use ML to discover via videos the best place to shoot in foosball?

I am a programmer, but just now attempting to enter the world of ML. I'm eyeballing a potential project/problem related to foosball. Pro foosball is a thing believe it or not and I'm wondering if I ...
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I need to select the image from a predefined dataset that are the closest to the input, is this possible or do I even need to use ML/AI?

So as the title states, I have a set of images and I want to process input images and need to select the image that "looks" the most like the input image. I know I've seen something similar where the ...
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How to classify human actions?

I'm quite new to machine learning (I followed the Coursera course of Andrew Ng and now starting courses). I want to classify human actions real-time like: Left-arm bended Arm above ...
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How to handle a high dimensional video (large number of frames per video) data for training a video classification network

I have a video dataset as follows. Dataset size: 1k videos Frames per video: 4k (average) and 8k (maximum) Labels: Each video has one label. So the size of my input will be (N, 8000, 64, 64, 3) ...
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Most suitable model for video classification with a fixed camera

Consider a fixed camera that records a given area. Three things can happen in this area: No action People performing action A People performing action B I want to train a model to detect when ...
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How can I determine whether a car in a video is moving or not?

How can I classify a given sequence of images (video) as either moving or staying still from the perspective of the person inside the car? Below is an example of the sequence of 12 images animated. ...
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