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Is it possible for original Vision Transformer (ViT) to do fine-grained semanantic segmentation? if so, how?

As far as I know, in the original ViT, the image is first divided to a fixed size of patch (16x16, for example) then they are flattened and treated as tokens and fed into Transformer. Without using ...
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What are the specific differences between vision transformers variants?

I have tried 4 different types of attacks on vision transformers (ViT small and tiny, DeiT small and tiny) but the attack successes on smaller versions are higher than the tiny versions. My ...
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What algorithms could I use if I want to increase the accuracy of matched keypoints in an image pair?

Let's say that I used a keypoint detector like SIFT or SuperPoint to detect keypoints in image 1 and 2. Afterwards, I used a keypoint matcher to match corresponding keypoints in this image pair. The ...
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How do i approach creating a masked auto-encoder for feature extraction

I trained Masked Autoencoder-based models in order to use the encoder as a backbone for another task. Pretraining has been done in a Self-Supervised manner on image data. Now that it comes to my ...
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How does Position embeddings work in Vision Transformer

I'm a bit confused how the position embedding in happened to each patch in the transformer. I thought Ideally we'd want each patch to have a value of (1, 2, 3, 4....) to describe the position of the ...
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How many pretraining image is enough for Swin Transformer?

Here is the spec of experiment setup: We have 3D micro CT image of the rats, and we want to perform pretraining on such data. The image is masked, so only the portion around the backbone is visible. ...
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