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Questions tagged [weight-normalization]

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FastGAN implementation has redundant SpectralNorm followed by BatchNorm?

I am implementing a version of FastGAN, and it seems like (see the official repo) they use a Spectral norm directly followed by a Batch norm. Doesn't the spectral norm get fully cancelled by the ...
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1 answer

Why and when do we need to normalize weights in Reinforcement Learning?

I recently came across this SO question, wherein the poster was asked to normalize their weights while using a function approximator with SARSA. I don't remember having to normalize any weights while ...
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Are there neural networks with (hard) constraints on the weights?

I don't know too much about Deep Learning, so my question might be silly. However, I was wondering whether there are NN architectures with some hard constraints on the weights of some layers. For ...
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Can you help me understand how weight normalization works?

I am trying to dissect the paper Weight Normalization: A Simple Reparameterization to Accelerate Training of Deep Neural Networks. Unfortunately, because my math is a little bit rusty, I got a little ...
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How to solve the problem of too big activations when using genetic algorithms to train neural networks?

I am trying to create a fixed-topology MLP from scratch (with C#), which can solve some simple problems, such as the XOR problem and MNIST classification. The network will be trained purely with ...
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How does weight normalization work?

I was reading the paper Weight Normalization: A Simple Reparameterization to Accelerate Training of Deep Neural Networks about improving the learning of an ANN using weight normalization. They ...
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