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Questions tagged [zero-sum-games]

For questions about zero-sum games in the context of artificial intelligence.

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Q learning (DQN) strategy for a multiplayer zero-sum game

I have been looking for ways to train a Q-learning agent for a multiplayer zero-sum game (a variation of Tic-Tac-Toe in my case). I came up with a learning strategy I haven't found anywhere else, and ...
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Optimal mixed strategy in two player zero sum games

I am currently studying game theory based on Peter Norvig's 3rd edition introduction to artificial intelligence book. In chapter 17.5, the two player zero sum game can be solved by using the $\textbf{...
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How can I discourage the RL agent from drawing in a zero-sum game?

My agent receives $1, 0, -1$ rewards for winning, drawing, and losing the game, respectively. What would be the consequences of setting reward to $-1$ for draws? Would that encourage the agent to win ...
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Non-Neural Network algorithms for large state space in zero sum games

I was reading online that tic-tac-toe has a state space of $3^9 = 19,683$. From my basic understanding, this sounds too large to use tabular Q-learning, as the Q table would be huge. Is this correct? ...
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