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For questions related to artificial intelligence research papers. So, you should use this tag if you want someone to clarify something in a research paper.

1 vote

What is meant by degrees of freedom of latent variables?

A good example is the degree of freedom in Student's distribution: ‌ The degrees of freedom refers to the number of independent observations in a set of data. For example: When estimating a mean sc …
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1 vote

How did the variance and double summation of the covariance come to the L2 minimization equa...

As in the second line, the first two terms are $\mathbb{E}_{\hat{y}}$, it means the variable of the expectation is $\hat{y}_i$ and you can take out $y_i$s from $\mathbb{E}_{\hat{y}}$s. Now we can use …
  • 1,683
5 votes

What does "semantic gap" mean?

In terms of transfer learning, semantic gap means different meanings and purposes behind the same syntax between two or more domains. For example, suppose that we have a deep learning application to d …
  • 1,683
1 vote

How is this statement from a TensorFlow implementation of a certain KL-divergence formula re...

It should remain from a general code that has been refactored. By the way, the red code phrase is always zero. Because, beta is a vector of 1, and $\log(\Gamma(1)) = \log(1) = 0$, i.e., tf.math.lgamma …
  • 1,683
1 vote

What is meant by the rank of the scoring function here?

$\text{rank}(f((r,e)|u))$ in $A_t(u)$ means to compute the value of scoring function $f$ for all pairs $(r,e)\in A_t$ which are conditioned by $u$, then sort them in a descending order. The rank of th …
  • 1,683
0 votes

What is a bad local minimum in machine learning?

As mentioned in the abstract of on of these papers, bad local minima is a suboptimal local minimum which means a local minimum that is near to a global minimum. …
  • 1,683