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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

× 539
For questions about a neural networks, such as ANNs, CNNs, RNNs, or any other machine learning components that qualifies as a neural networks in that they simulate key complexity handling aspects of b…
× 469
For questions about machine learning (ml) and the related concepts with respect to AI.
× 297
a branch of machine learning that uses neural networks with many layers to allow modeling of high-level abstractions.
× 175
For questions about convolutional neural networks, also known as CNN or ConvNet.
× 164
A machine learning technique influenced by behavioral psychology which can be described as "learning by trial and error."
× 143
For questions related to successful or novel designing standards and procedures of Artificially Intelligent agents.
× 110
For questions about the image-recognition abilities of AI.
× 108
For questions about algorithm's used in creating AIs.
× 95
to be used in cases of doubts regarding applications or programs based on categorization like fraud detection, market segmentation (predicting whether or not a customer will respond to a p…
× 79
For questions about all aspects of training an AI.
× 76
the computer representation and manipulation of human language.
× 74
For questions related to the philosophical aspects of artificial intelligence. Topics such as human/AI value alignment, artificial consciousness, the feasibility of AGI, the ethics of AI, Neo-Luddism,…
× 70
For questions about studies and academic research. Do NOT use this tag when you are trying to find something out.
× 68
Use for basic, fundamental questions about AI theory or practice. (i.e. design, application, implementation, mathematics of AI, philosophy of AI, etc.)
× 67
For artificial intelligence questions related specifically to games.
× 66
For questions related to Google's open source library for machine learning and machine intelligence.
× 66
For questions about the application/possible applications of Machine Learning methods and Artificial Intelligence algorithms in the field of computer vision.
× 64
For questions about deep neural networks (DNNs), neural networks with multiple hidden layers between the input and output layer.
× 62
A method for solving constrained and unconstrained optimization problems based on natural selection processes. Use this tag for questions about GA; programming questions are off-topic. See https://ai.…
× 59
Use for questions related to AI implementation in the Python language
× 53
Use for questions about Recurrent Neural Networks
× 51
For questions relating to an AI's ability to speak naturally.
× 51
use to discuss the technique of backpropagation
× 47
Use on questions about getting started in AI. Ideal for those new to the field who want to begin researching and developing applications.
× 46
Traditionally "Artificial General Intelligence", although more recently applied to "Strong Narrow AI"
× 40
For questions based on proper usage of data for Machine Learning ad other Algorithms to extract useful information.
× 39
For questions related to the definition of and use of terminology in the context of Artificial Intelligence
× 36
For questions about how an AI learns by itself, without being trained.
× 35
For questions about different learning algorithms used by a Machine Learning program to achieve its end goal.
× 34
Highly modular neural networks library written in Python, capable of running either TensorFlow or Theano.
× 33
For questions about Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), a hypothetical machine that can perform any intellectual task that a human being can.
× 32
For questions about the definition of some AI-related term.
× 32
a heuristic algorithm that is inspired by the principle of biological evolution.
× 32
For questions about prediction of a certain quantitative or a qualitative value by an algorithm
× 31
should be used for posts dealing with LSTM networks.
× 31
For questions about implementing and improving optimization algorithms used in creating AI programs, or optimization in general.