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Is there has any method to train Tensorflow AI/ML that I focus on detecting background of image more than common objects?

Trying to address all the questions asked in the end in the same order Most definitely possible. I would say its best you approach this with segmentation to start with. Just use a free GPU runtime ...
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How are non-linear surfaces formed in the training of a neural network?

Hi and welcome to the community. It's important to understand these basic concepts very clearly. You have to first understand the basic unit of a neural network, a single node/neuron/perceptron. Let ...
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Realizability Assumption: Why is that for every ERM hypothesis $L_{S}(h_{S})=0$

What I was missing is the condition in the definition: "S is labeled by a function $f$". Since $𝐿(\mathcal{𝐷},f)(ℎ^{\star})=0$ and $h^{\star}\in\mathcal{H}$, then for every ERM hypothesis $...
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Confusion about bias in McCulloch-Pitts neurons

Both uses of the word bias are appropriate, and they are consistent. In a threshold perceptron, the output $a$ (from activation) is given by $a=$ $1$ if $wx$$+b > 0$ $0$ otherwise, so the output ...
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Predict time series from initial non-time dependant parameters

I don't think you need a recurrent neural network for this. Why not just train a feedforward model with angle of attack etc as input and translation velocities as output? The size of the output will ...
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How are non-linear surfaces formed in the training of a neural network?

The output of any node is simply a scalar number. For a given input you get a specific scalar output. What is being shown is the surfaces that get generated as you VARY x1 and x2 over their input ...
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How does one make it obvious that the structure of a neural network should be what it is?

While, as you begin to hit on, there are general guidelines to follow when building a neural network, they are far from standardized. This is because even though AI is a reasonably old field(1950s), ...
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Can machine learning help me digest asymmetrical order descriptions?

Yes a variant of NLP processing could help find the correct number to extract and type of object in this data. Compared to the spreadsheet, the raw text data is ambiguous without understanding ...
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How to find the subject in a text?

It depends on the complexity on your sentences. If you have a limited range, you could do simple pattern matching on part-of-speech tags. Put your sentence through a tagger (there are plenty of them ...
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