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Is there a standardized method to train a reinforcement learning NN by demonstration?

Yes, this is known as imitation learning, which can be divided into inverse RL (i.e. learn a reward function from demonstrations, then apply RL), and behaviour cloning (supervised learning applied to ...
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Compare Strings composed from 2-3 words using NLP/ML(Python)

You can use a model to create rich embeddings for example: sentence transformers and then use cosine similarity distance from sklearn with a threshold (at least 0.6) to create clusters of semantically-...
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Which RL algorithm should I use to learn an optimal weight vector?

My friend propose local random search: Initialize: $W_0 = (0.5,...,0.5)$ step = 0.1, $K < N$, MAX_ITERATIONS Each iteration: $W_{new}$ <- $W$ randomly choose up to $K$ weights, change each ...
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