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I don't have a proper source for this, as i've only read this from an online forum: everything i say is just hearsay and I am very uneducated on the subject. With that being said... As you may know algorithmic trading relies on strategies, i.e. I trade a certain way once I see certain indexes move in a certain way. If your procedure is known by other ...


Machine learning based hedge funds are currently the worst performing slice through the industry. Large quant funds also claim to use ML but their performance is also very poor and worsening over time. Mostly what they say they are dong is not really what they are actually doing. I know of cases where funds claimed to be doing AI but actually its just simple ...


High-frequency trading is where you see it being used, essentially, decision-making algorithms analyzing and making transactions in microseconds. It accounts for a significant percentage of market activity, and has been considered a source of greater market volatility (See: Flash Crashes). You can bet that hedge funds are evaluating every form of AI for ...


Given that your state space is continuous, then I would recommend using Deep Q-Learning. As you say, running several episodes will definitely be beneficial so that the agent is able to explore the space more thoroughly.

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