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Does Breadth-First Graph Search need to store all all unique generated states?

States are represented by nodes in the graph. In other words, a state is a node in the graph. So, I don't think there's any difference, but some authors maybe make a difference (e.g. because you don't ...
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Unable to understand Figure 3.13 Artificial Intelligence: a Modern Approach

The table's "Nodes" column uses rough approximations, as do most of the values in the table, because it is trying to give an intuition about scaling, and not accurate predictive values for ...
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What does the branching factor mean in the time complexity of Breadth-First Search (BFS)

Math is just fine. Its all about the definition of $\mathrm{O}(\cdot)$. Checkout the wiki page about Big-O Notation. Basically, your function $T(b) = 1 + b + b^{2} + \cdots + b^{d}$ belongs to the ...
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