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If certain moves are compulsory, will there still be a need for a quiescence search?

I understand your question to be: If some moves are compulsory, and my agent has no choice about which move to make next, do I need to perform a search, or can I just return the compulsory move? ...
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What is a good way of identifying volatile positions for a checkers game?

When combatting the horizon affect, you want to consider any short term actions that will greatly affect your position evaluation. Thus, in addition to captures, you will also want to include: When ...
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To deal with infinite loops, should I do a deeper search of the best moves with the same value, in alpha-beta pruning?

I think this issue stems from the fact you aren't taking position into account. I would think this because as the game progresses, the number of moves that will result in a piece being taken becomes ...
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