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How to represent the weights of a neural network as binary strings for a genetic algorithm?

I would first say consider the advice of Thomas W in the comment above and think about whether you really need to discretize your variables. I'd also question the wisdom of training a reasonably sized ...
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Is there a crossover that also considers that every index in the vector also influences the fitness function?

Really you're entering the world in which you probably want to develop genetic operators that have meaning in your domain. You mention TSP, and correctly point out that the absolute position within ...
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Are there clever (fitness-based) crossover operators for binary chromosomes?

It's not obvious what you mean by "intelligent crossover". However, it is common to use fitness-based selection of parents: individuals in the current population who have higher fitness are ...
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How can we design the mutation and crossover operations when the order of the genes in the chromosomes matters?

If I understood correctly, your problem is about finding the optimal way to execute a series of tasks in order to maximize the results, using Genetic Algorithms. In few words, you're trying to ...
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